Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Richard Keys Apologises To Many, Slams Even More On Talksport

Richard Keys today shed his views on the current situation regarding his future after a latest video surfaced late last night of him making lewd remarks of a previous girlfriend of Jamie Redknapp's.

Talksport confirmed they would be interviewing Keys this lunchtime, and the Sky Sports presenter continually reiterated his apology throughout the show, saying it on numerous occasions.

Keys also, halfway through his interview had slammed Rio Ferdinand, The Sun newspaper and also  expressed his desire to potentially resign as Sky Sports head pundit.

Regarding the Sian Massey situation, Keys said:

“I rang Sian on behalf of Andy and myself and made it an official apology, which she accepted.

“She and I enjoyed some banter together and we left on very good terms. She was in very good spirits and I explained that I was misguided. There was no excuse for anybody to make any excuse for anyone. It was wrong.

“I wanted to apologise on Monday, but was told I couldn’t. There are some dark forces at work.

Dark forces, eh? Surely we couldn't have the return of the dreaded Darth Vader? Better get the 3D glasses out.

Keys then continued to apologize for his actions, this time to Karen Brady but his calls were ignored.

"I tried to ring Karren twice on Sunday night. "There was no answer on Karren's phone and there is no answerphone on it. I texted her in case she did not know who was trying to call and asked her to ring me back.

"I tried to ring her to say sorry but she did not take my call."

Keys switched the tables on his apology seminar and slammed Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, after his "prehistoric banter" comment sparked fury among Keys.

Keys responded swiftly and attacked Ferdinand verbally saying that:

"Rio, are you telling me it doesn't take place in the Manchester United dressing room?."

oooooh the tension..

Then the subject was changed to Keys' career, a career which he has surely just flushed down the toilet, no second thoughts incurring.

Keys has been at Sky for over 20 years and has pondered about resignation as of late, publicly stating on Talksport that:

“I have to seriously consider resigning. My mate has been sacked. The view of the majority is that he should have been sacked. We got it wrong. Bad.”

“I have got to ask myself, do I want to carry on without him? And that is something I have been doing, obviously."

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