Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MLS SuperDraft 2011

I know I've been absent for the last day or two but I'm back and bursting for more. Today, and with it taking place tomorrow, I'm going to talk about the upcoming MLS SuperDraft.

This particular draft has been looked forward to by many and before we know it, it'll be over.

The 12th annual MLS SuperDraft resumes tomorrow as I've stated and I've been intrigued as to how such an event can be held. Basically what I gathered from reading up on this is, every year around mid January the MLS prepares for it's primary draft. Similar to the NFL Draft, we are treated to announcers giving us insights into who and where the next pick will be coming from.

This year the process has been slightly altered with the traditional four rounds of picking being reduced to three, with a total of 54 new players introduced to Major League Soccer, North America's premier league. Among those first to choose will be the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Portland Timbers due to them being relatively new among the MLS scene. They get first pick each for the three rounds, a process which is deemed fair considering it goes from the worst to the best teams, picking wise.

Among those waiting for their chance to simmer are the players involved in the Akron Zips, who've endured an imperious 2010, winning the national league, which is the ultimate recognition for any side. Seven of the team are available for tomorrows event and I wouldn't be surprised if Darlington Nagbe and Kofi Sarkodie are among those chosen first.

Another hopeful of making it big in America is the lesser known of the Rooney brothers, John Rooney. John had been competing in the Player Combine Cup as part of a friendly tournament. Rooney had been of Macclesfield town previously but he's failed to make an impact and seeks elsewhere for work. The MLS could be the escape route he needs to salvage his career.

The SuperDraft takes place at precisely 5 PM UK time tomorrow and I will keep you updated as soon as details are released.

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  1. I am quite curious how they will do it. but it is a great way to get to it and I hope that it will have great games.