Monday, January 3, 2011

Blackburn Plea For Ronaldinho

In an astonishing revealment, it seems Blackburn Rovers have lodged a bid for AC Milan playmaker, Ronaldinho. They are also quite adamant on the 31 year old, as he would be receiving a rumored 130,000  a week.

Ronaldinho's agent Roberto De Assis confirmed the approach towards Ronaldinho from the English counterpart, but they face stiff competition from home club Gremio.

"Blackburn have contacted us. There is also other interest in England but this is confidential,"

Blackburn's new owners, Venky's, also expressed their interest in signing the former Barcelona wizard:

“We have spoken four times with Assis. The owners know that Ronaldinho was not being used properly in Milan and is dissatisfied and, above all, wants to play in England.

“He has played in the French, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian leagues. The Indians want to put together a competitive team and Ronaldinho is not the only name in Brazil that interests us.”

“We know that Assis is more worried about Ronaldinho than with money and more interested about the quality of the project that has been presented. We have the best project.”

Ronaldinho is highly unexpected to join the Lancashire club, preferring a move home to consider contracts with the likes of Gremio, Flamengo and Palmeiras all keen on his services.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting any truth behind this but when Assis confirmed it, I just started laughing hysterically. I mean, what player in their right mind, would make a move from one of the world's finest clubs, to a club that regularly challenges for 10th spot, it's just madness.

This comes after days of uncertainty regarding the Brazilian's exit from the San Siro, and now it looks like it's done and dusted as he'd prefer a move back to Brazil.

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