Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tevez Troubled At Eastlands

Late last Saturday night the news broke that Manchester City captain Carlos Tevez had handed in a written transfer request. He is reported to be unsettled with life at Eastlands, having only been present for just over two years. In a statement his representatives issued, he said that ‘communications had broken down with certain executives’ aiming it at Gary Cook, as he blocked Tevez from moving last summer. Another reason Tevez is unsettled is due to homesickness. He was granted leave by the club to return to Buenos Aries to see his family, his partner and his two children. He obviously misses them very dearly and Carlos had always said he wanted to finish his career at Boca Juniors however; this would be too sudden and too early in a career as exciting as Tevez’s. There’s also a third reason doing the rounds that Tevez wants to follow in Rooney’s footsteps by holding out for a bigger wage packet.  Currently Tevez is being paid £286,000 tax-free and he wants it beefed up to £300,000.

There is talk of him making a move to Spain during this upcoming transfer window with a possible move to Real Madrid on the cards but with the return of Gonzalo Higauin sooner rather than later, Tevez would be forced to settle on the bench and become even more agitated than he is at present. There is also a possibility he might make a move to London to join Chelsea but it’s highly unlikely considering the above.

Manchester City issued a statement regarding Tevez’s transfer request and they said, “It is with disappointment that we confirm to our supporters that Carlos Tevez has submitted a written transfer request. The Club can also confirm that the request has been rejected”. There is however a way Tevez could escape and he could be able to leave City in the summer, even a court battle is possible, similar to Gabriel Heinze’s a few years back regarding his proposed move to rivals Liverpool. He eventually left to join Real Madrid but had an unsuccessful stint and was transferred to Marseille.


My first reaction to this news was shock. I had heard reports of Tevez being unsettled during last summer but he decided to on, which proved to tip him over the edge. When I heard that  he wanted his wage packet increased I was infuriated. He’s currently one of the world’s top paid football stars and he actually has the cheek to bleed Sheik  Mansourdry. I think it would be better if City ejected him but I can’t see any teams willing to pay that kind of wage package, even the likes of Barcelona & Real Madrid.

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