Saturday, December 18, 2010

Leave It To Holloway..

Leave it to Blackpool manager Ian Holloway to light up the Premier League. He adds comedy & unpredictability to press conferences. He delivered yet another charismatic approach and as always, entertained the audience. In this latest installment he targets Fifa & more importantly Sepp Blatter and he’s distraught at the thought of moving the 2022 World Cup into January.

Holloway's creativity in press conferences have paved a way for him becoming one of the most illustrious managers and he hasn’t been shy when it comes to press conferences. In past press conferences he's passed judgement on the 'Wayne Rooney Saga' & he defended his squad selection for the Aston Villa match a while back. When he lost 3-2 to Villa courtesy of a late strike from James Collins, journalists were trying to put the pieces on why Holloway changed his whole team around. He reacted angrily and went on a nasty tirade, which has what he has become renowned for.

Here is Holloway passing comment on the Rooney Saga : :

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