Monday, December 27, 2010

'Big Sam' Allardyce To Coach Qatar come 2022 World Cup

According to, Sam
Allardyce has emerged as Qatar's choice of manager come 2022 when they contest the World Cup.

Allardyce will succeed Bruno Metsu and will become one of the worlds top salary earners, with a hefty paycheck of £5 million a year.

Allardyce emerged as favourite following secret talks amongst the Qatari FA. He will be appointed to lead Qatar in the 2022 World Cup and will hopefully guide them far in the competition, proving they are not just a joke.

If you've been asleep this past month you would have noticed that Qatar were elected as hosts of the 2022 World Cup. A decision which shocked many, considering their prohibition of gay rights and exclusion consumption of alcohol.

Allardyce will be chosen to lead the pack of Qatari youngsters into the World Cup prepared for anything that may be thrown at them. A group stage tie with England would be relished but the chances are slim.

Qatar aren't exactly known amongst the footballing world and have competed for World Cups in recent years through a rather abysmal Asian world cup qualifying campaign, winning only 39 out of 84 matches.

The national team recently starred on youtube courtesy of a striker of theirs, Fahad Khalfan, missing an open goal. The video received over 2 million hits and gives the world an inkling of what they're like soccer wise.

Here's the video :

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